AED Resolution on the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris


Whereas leaders of all faiths, and most recently Pope Francis, spiritual leader of the 1.2 billion- member Catholic Church, have called for urgent action on climate change commensurate with the severity of the current situation, in as much that international negotiations have so far failed ;

Whereas our top scientists, and over 97% of all scientists worldwide, agree that climate change is man-made, and represents the single most serious threat to ecosystems and to human and non-human existence on this fragile Earth;

Whereas the nations of the world will convene in December 2015 in Paris to achieve a universal agreement on climate at the U.N. Climate Conference, building on a framework from Copenhagen 2012,                                                      where high hopes failed to materialize as they concurred on postponing the signing of an agreement until this year in Paris, not set to go into effect until 2020—representing a loss of 11 critical years;

WhereasPope Francis has condemned the status quo among nations, saying “The strategy of buying and selling carbon credits can lead to a new form of speculation [which has not reduced] the emission of polluting gases worldwide,” and these market mechanisms, when employed, have failed the people of the Earth, with politicians promulgating inaction through their alliances with global corporations;

Whereas top scientists from M.I.T., the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the Royal Society (U.K.’s equivalent of our National Academy of Sciences) and others have called for an immediate curb on emissions and a better recognition of the importance of leaving fossil fuels in the ground, stating that we are on the path to a temperature increase, producing, in the words of the Royal Society, “hellish conditions,” wherein “the limits for human adaptation are likely to be exceeded throughout the world;”

Whereas the build-up of greenhouse gases in the world’s atmosphere has reached a level not seen for three million years, which may put the Earth on an unavoidable path of runaway climate change, bringing about a world with exponential climate-driven disasters of which we have witnessed only minor examples, torrential rains, unprecedented flooding, more destructive hurricanes;  and

Whereas such a threat to our Earth represents a true emergency, in that food and water shortages, climate disruption, extreme weather events and other disasters will follow, bringing about waves of refugees, sociopolitical chaos and international conflict, now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that as it participates in the United Nations Climate Conference, held in Paris in December 2015, the government of the United States:

  1. should call for an immediate cut of greenhouse gases as recommended by top scientists, with no market mechanisms, which only delay implementation of life-saving provisions;
  2. should recognize that in the face of environmental and societal disaster worldwide, with thethreat of potential extinction looming, all people, all nations must work together to leave behind the petroleum-based economy of the past and move towards a fossil-free future.